• How connected is your care?

    • People have never been more connected. Never more digitally engaged.
      And yet it’s still far too difficult for patients and providers to navigate and connect within a complex and evolving healthcare system.

    • 1 in 5
      satisfied with their
      care provider


      in using digital
      with providers


      patient outcomes
      materially affected
      by level of
      patient engagement


      “no shows” and
      “no goes” are the
      result of ineffective


      average cost
      of a canceled

    • HealthString offers a timely new model of integrated population health management, uniquely leveraging tools, services, people and technology
      to successfully align all parties, empower patients and deliver improved outcomes for patient populations.

    Follow your HealthString

    HealthString delivers patient engagement solutions for population health management programs
    to reduce healthcare costs and improve patients’ experience with their caregivers.

    We Believe ...

    • Value-based care begins with seeing things from the perspective of patients, because we must be enrolled in the quality of our own health.

    • Effective coordinated care requires that all parties be aligned for efforts to be reinforced rather than dissipated.

    • Access to information drives alignment around patient care.

    Building trust through empathy.

    With more than 10 years’ experience in managing patient populations, HealthString emphasizes everyday language, interconnectivity
    and the power of mobile communications. We use these sensibilities and new technologies to empower patients
    and address their needs in a manner they recognize and appreciate.

    We tie it all together.

    We are a holistic population health management solution that connects the dots around patient health data. Data and information are the currency of all connections surrounding a patient’s health. Instead of it being scattered and stored in different platforms, EMR systems, primary care physicians’ systems, etc., we smartly house all that information in one place (your “Health String”), providing the right context and informing all individuals or entities accessing such vital health-based content.

      We engage and connect.

    • With an interwoven, end-to-end ecosystem of personal engagement and care coordination services, HealthString is customized to work within your own environment for a more informed and compliant patient and care provider.
    • Diagnostic (HRA) Services
    • Care Portal
    • Coaching Services
    • Consulting Services
    • Multi-modal, Two-way Communications
    • Reporting and Analytics

    HealthString’s technology, expertise and experience help healthcare providers and plans:

    • Communicate more effectively with patient populations and care partner organizations

    • Shape engagement strategies that drive targeted behavioral change where needed

    • Reduce unnecessary healthcare expenses and inefficiencies in care management practices

    • Improve the results of chronic condition and disease management programs.

    Meet Val.

    George Bernard Shaw wrote that “the single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” Introducing the first-ever Healthy ValetTM. HeyVal.

    HeyVal is a simple yet revolutionary new approach from HealthString that revolutionizes and humanizes the way that healthcare providers and patients interact and connect.

    Intuitive, engaging and customizable, HeyVal is a contextual and colloquial health and wellness engagement system, anchored in simple text messaging that grants easy access to one’s Health String while ensuring greater awareness, compliance and satisfaction across the health care system.

    If you’ve got a phone, you’ve got a Val.

  • Meet Val
  • For plans, providers and patients

    HealthString offers engagement tools and strategies for any organization that manages population health management programs.

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