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HealthString Offers a Refreshing Approach to Health

So much in life depends on our health. By taking care of ourselves, we are essentially taking care of those we love by ensuring we’ll be there when they need us. HealthString strives to help individuals realize their wellness potential.

The journey to a happier, healthier life is different for everyone, which is why HealthString offers a multi-level approach:

  • Our online Health Risk Assessments and on-site or local biometric screenings help individuals gain an understanding of their current health so that they can build a personalized strategy to improve it.

  • Our team of Registered Nurses provides confidential, one-on-one coaching to help participants achieve their wellness goals.

  • Members enjoy a secure, online network to give them 24/7 access to important personal health information from all of their health care providers—all in one place.

  • Our website is also home to a host of helpful tools and resources.

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The HealthString difference...

  • For employers. HealthString assists employers in creating and maintaining a culture of health. Together, we implement annual Health Risk Assessments which generate a comprehensive analysis of the health of the entire adult insured population (employees, spouses, significant others, retirees, etc.). Our robust incentive design garners participation rates over 90%, and the program is entirely GINA, HIPAA and ADA compliant. And not only do we deliver results, we partner with local and national wellness champions to develop a sustainable wellness strategy targeting the employee population’s unique risk areas.
  • For individuals. Members are paired with a registered nurse who works with them confidentially, one-on-one to develop a personalized wellness strategy and make the journey to wellness with them every step of the way. Coupled with secure online access to their personal health information and an extensive collection of tools and resources, HealthString provides the support employees need to achieve their wellness goals.

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  • Get up to speed with the latest health news as HealthString brings you relevant, no nonsense health information.
  • View health videos on diabetes, hypertension and more—free of advertisements.
  • Take advantage of our handy health calculators that can help with everything from determining your Body Mass Index (BMI) to calculating your target heart rate.
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“As health-care continues to make advances, we as patients need to be better historians of our own health history as well as have easy access and control over our own personal and confidential health records. I’ve found that HealthString is a wonderful way to start keeping track and organizing my own health records. I know my body better than any doctor does, but with HealthString, I’m able to help keep the communication between health care providers open. Thank you, HealthString. "
- Elizabeth Gilbert, RN, Portland, OR